eSignature and ePayment News and Trends

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eSignature and ePayment News and Trends

eSignature and ePayment News and Trends


A fact of business today is that customers – both consumers and other businesses – and employees expect to transact digitally. To remain competitive, companies find themselves increasing their efforts to digitally transform their businesses.

Successfully implementing this digital transformation requires careful planning to ensure regulatory compliance, a smooth integration with existing business technology and a positive customer experience.

This bulletin is the second in a series aiming to help companies identify important and significant news and legal developments impacting digital offerings. Each issue will feature in-depth insight on a timely and important current topic. In this issue, our Insight piece addresses the topic of whether a power of attorney (POA) can be electronically signed. In addition, we cover recently enacted federal and state laws, federal and state regulatory activities, fresh judicial precedent and other important news.

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