DLA Piper Energy Investor Guide - Italy


The Italian Energy Sector Team of DLA Piper has led an ambitious project this year.

We strongly believed it was necessary to provide our clients with a high quality and comprehensive (although necessarily general) introduction of the energy legal framework in Italy.

We have collected in a booklet the main legal information on the energy sector covering the following key topics and business segments:

  1. General energy framework
  2. Oil and gas
  3. Renewable sources
  4. Energy efficiency
  5. Alternative fuels
  6. E-mobility
  7. Energy storage
  8. Corporate structures
  9. Funds
  10. Financing
  11. Real estate issues
  12. Employment
  13. HSE
  14. Compliance
  15. Tax

This guide shows how diversified is energy market and legislation, giving a quick understanding of local basic rules to foreign investors. In addition, we have used this project to strengthen our team, having regular meetings of the broad energy sector group in Italy (more than 40 lawyers), working together towards the same goal.

The drafting and preparation of the guide has required a joint team effort extended during several months and including a few changes in the law in the course of its preparation.

Plans for the circulation of the guide include printing books to be made available to clients in the Italian meeting rooms, distributing them to our international colleagues and publishing it on our website and on social media (by publishing a chapter every week). It is also an off-the-shelf, ready to use, material that is often requested by international clients approaching our market for the first time.

One last note: we have chosen all the pictures selecting only Italian landscapes, discarding the usual generic pics that may be referred to any place in the globe, since this is a local guide that should attract global clients to invest in Italy.