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COVID-19 Alert

In this time of growing uncertainty, we recognize that many tech businesses are facing significant disruptions and unprecedented challenges arising from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

To help you understand what is going on and to guide you forward, here are some of our most popular articles from our Coronavirus Resource Center – our central repository, across jurisdictions and industries, for our reports, commentary and insights about the ramifications of COVID-19.

COVID-19: the age of viral outbreaks – impact on outsourced functions and relationships
We are pleased to offer the materials from our recent webinar on how COVID-19 is challenging the outsourcing market.
COVID-19 contract issues reach beyond force majeure
The COVID-19 pandemic is the latest outbreak to challenge the performance of existing contractual relationships and to increase the risks around pending contract negotiations.
Contract analysis in a crisis: flowcharts
Turning to flowcharts allows us to analyze commercial contracts through a logical process that serves as a practical checklist.
COVID-19’s (likely) impact on the US M&A market
What impact will the pandemic have on the M&A market in the short, medium and long term?
FINRA publishes COVID-19 information notice providing suggested measures to strengthen cybersecurity controls
FINRA cautions broker-dealers to remain vigilant in their surveillance for cyber threats.
Coronavirus: cybersecurity considerations for your newly remote workforce
This may be the fastest and most disruptive technological shift in global work conditions in history.
Antitrust enforcement continues amid pandemic, but with important changes
DOJ and FTC issue important guidance on changes to merger review procedures and announce their intent to vigorously enforce the antitrust laws in the market for public health products.
The Open COVID Pledge and other IP reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic
We are pleased to offer the materials from our recent webinar on the principles of collaborative licensing in a challenging environment and whether companies should develop their own or assist other entities.
COVID-19: preparing for litigation in the wake of the pandemic
While businesses are trying to adapt to protect their employees, shareholders, and other constituencies, they also have to guard against another inevitable threat: litigation.
Ten practical tips for dealing with anticipated financial distress of your business or your clients, customers or vendors
Addressing the impact of doing business in a financially distressed climate.
Coronavirus: federal and state governments work quickly to enable remote online notarization to meet global crisis
Federal and state governments move quickly to enable fully electronic processes to keep businesses operating. This article is frequently updated to reflect the rapid pace of change.
Technology’s Legal Edge: key legal issues that bear remembering during a pandemic
While discussions of force majeure, impossibility, impracticability and frustration of purpose are top of mind for all sectors, a few key contractual considerations are unique to the technology sector.
Managing and implementing global cost-saving measures across the workforce during the pandemic
We are pleased to offer the materials from our recent webinar on the challenges and pitfalls of managing and implementing global cost-saving workforce measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The barbarians are coming… time for public companies to reinforce the gate
While it is far too early to understand or evaluate the true impact that the COVID-19 outbreak may have on the M&A market, as long as market prices remain depressed, public companies are encouraged to remain cognizant of the potential threat of coercive takeover attempts.
Family First Coronavirus Response Act: US Department of Labor regulations provide additional guidance for employers
The FFRCA establishes new obligations for many employers and covers an estimated 61 million US workers.
Cost-cutting considerations in the time of COVID-19: employment issues outside the US
A dive into cost-saving measures and their viability for employers.


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