DLA Piper Co-Managing Partners Melinda Upton and Jim Holding named WGEA Pay Equity Ambassadors

DLA Piper is committed to achieving gender equity across all aspects of our employees' career journey, including gender pay equity. 

In Australia, DLA Piper’s Co-Managing Partners Melinda Upton and Jim Holding, are personally committed to these efforts and have been named as Pay Equity Ambassadors by the Australian Government's Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). 

DLA Piper Co-Managing Partner, Melinda Upton, said: "Pay inequality remains far too prevalent in Australia, and indeed around the world. Given the concerning statistics that continue to prove the scale of this issue, I believe employers have a responsibility to stand up and do something about it. We undertake comprehensive pay equity analysis as part of our annual review process, and are committed to investigating and rectifying any irregularities in remuneration.

"From a performance perspective, we also compare performance ratings across our teams, to identify and question differences in ratings to ensure equity across genders. Our partners also undergo unconscious bias training to ensure they mitigate against any cultural bias when assessing performance. Given our bonus program is directly linked to performance ratings, these processes directly contribute to equity in bonus distribution."

DLA Piper Co-Managing Partner Jim Holding said: "In addition to rigorous pay equity analysis and training, issues of inequality can still exist if the flexible work needs of our employees aren’t addressed or considered a normal part of working culture. We are proud to have a range of flexible work practices embedded in our day-to-day working culture – and not just used by parents. These help to support the needs of all employees at different stages of their life and career journeys, without impacting pay equity.

"Creating and sustaining a diverse and fair workforce is at the heart of DLA Piper’s values. We believe in the business benefits that an equitable workplace brings, while also recognising that efforts to address the gender pay gap contributes to greater social and economic independence and a more equal and cohesive society."
Melinda Upton and Jim Holding are proud to join other senior executives in Australia by signing the Workplace Gender Equality Agency's (WGEA) Pay Equity Pledge and working with WGEA to promote and improve gender equality. 

DLA Piper has been awarded the Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation by the WGEA every year since the program commenced in 2014.