Jackob Ben-Ezra focuses on patent litigation and related intellectual property disputes.

In more than ten years in practice, Jackob has represented industry-leading technology companies in intellectual property lawsuits in federal courts all around the country. Those cases span a wide range of technologies, including computer software and hardware and related source code, web-based applications, wireless communication networks and devices, telephony, battery technology, industrial printing presses, sales force automation, and oil and gas devices, as a few examples.

Jackob has worked closely with experts and engineers on those cases to analyze his clients' most complicated issues, and works diligently to formulate critical case strategy. He also has managed discovery and led technical teams in complex patent litigation matters, argued in federal court, taken and defended critical 30(b)(6) depositions, and led teams in pivotal mock trials. Additionally, Jackob has experience with pre-suit investigations, patent portfolio analyses, and post-grant proceedings.

Jackob also dedicates significant time to pro bono work, including in conjunction with the Texas Civil Rights Project and actual innocence projects for those who have been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned.