Tom Dombrowsky is an engineer with extensive experience with the allocation and licensing of electromagnetic spectrum.  In particular, he has worked with all levels of the Federal government (such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), National Telecommunications and Information Agency (NTIA), Department of Defense) in aiding clients to understand and advocate technical issues supporting use of spectrum for wireless services.

Most recently, Tom has been engaged in advice and support of clients concerning the technical and policy implications for 5G (next generation mobile).   He has worked directly with network providers and trade associations seeking new 5G spectrum for the mid-band (C-Band, CBRS, Lower 3.4 GHz bands) and high-band (24 GHz, 26 GHz, 28 GHz, 37 GHz, 47 GHz, 50 GHz).  Tom was also the primary technical lead in the team representing T-Mobile in its merger with Sprint.  In this role, he was responsible for developing technical and regulatory advocacy for T-Mobile, including working with the engineering team in the company in providing network build and coverage information for the combined company.  

In addition, he also assists clients before the FCC and NTIA on a variety of other technical matters, including rulemaking issues, waiver requests, licensing matters, and other engineering advice.  Tom also has provided advice on enhanced 911, equipment certification, unlicensed services such as Wi-Fi and LTE-U/LAA, and other technical and policy matters for a variety of clients.

Prior to working in the private arena, Tom worked at the FCC for nine years.  During this time, he helped develop engineering and technical policy frameworks governing the commercial mobile services as well as overseeing the licensing of the same services.  He was a key member of the team that developed the auction process for commercial mobile licenses as well as the development of the licensing system used by the FCC for these same services.

Thomas is not a lawyer.