Anthony Duncan focuses on the preparation and prosecution of patents in the US and foreign markets. He holds experience in developing a patent strategy complementary to clients’ business and technology strategy. Anthony assists clients with harvesting inventions and promptly filing patent applications where appropriate, involving key stakeholders, addressing any global aspects of the clients’ business and patent portfolio. He is also actively involved in measuring the effectiveness of patent strategy, and in establishing a patent policy aligned with the patent strategy. 

Anthony also conducts patent portfolio due diligence and drafting and negotiating the provisions of a patent purchase agreement in the context of a patent portfolio acquisition or a merger or acquisition. He also has experience working with patent litigation counsel with claim construction, including developing proposed constructions based on intrinsic and extrinsic evidence, disclosing proposed constructions, preparing claim construction briefs and supporting expert declarations, conducting the Markman hearings. He is well versed in the filing of patents, offering clearance and freedom to operate searches, as well as the counseling for providing opinions on patentability of potential infringement, validity and enforcement considerations. 

Anthony is also registered before the USPTO as a patent attorney.