Diego R. Figueroa-Rodriguez has represented public issuers and underwriters in over 50 taxable and tax-exempt financing transactions involving the issuance of over US$20 billion of general obligation, revenue, lease-revenue and asset-backed bonds. He has represented issuers in areas related to the financing of electric power, highways and transportation, water, aqueducts and wastewater, ports, housing, infrastructure, public buildings, industrial, tourist, educational, medical and environmental control facilities, among others. These financings have involved multiple types of financing structures, including various modes of credit enhancement, insurance, swaps, interest rate hedges, auction rate securities and tobacco settlement asset-backed bonds. Diego has also prepared legislation, executive orders, by-laws and regulations in connection with financing transactions and advised in the post-issuance compliance and restructuring of municipal obligations.

Principally due to his involvement in the art world as a philanthropist, collector and board member at various cultural institutions, Diego’s experience includes advising artists, museums, galleries, sovereign countries, private foundations, collectors, auction houses and non-profit art organizations on matters involving a wide range of areas including business, intellectual property, finance, litigation, tax and real estate.

Diego served as financial and legal counsel to the president of the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico in a wide range of issues related to the formulation and establishment of public policy, including the design of alternative strategies for the financings offered by the bank related to taxable and tax-exempt obligations, privatization projects and reorganization of government agencies. He has served as counsel to governmental agencies in general legal, business and financing matters, including special projects such as the sale by the government of its ownership in a telecommunications company. Additionally, he has worked with major real estate developers in the financing, design and construction of real estate projects and has studied Chinese law at Renmin University of China, School of Law in Beijing and international law, cultural heritage, and the arts at the University of Siena Facolta di Giurisprudenza in Italy.