Scott Fischer recently served as executive deputy superintendent for insurance at the Department of Financial Services.  In that role he led several hundred employees in supervising approximately 1,700 insurers operating in New York with assets exceeding US$4.2 trillion.  Prior to taking that post, Scott was first deputy general counsel and then special deputy superintendent at the New York Liquidation Bureau, where he oversaw the liquidation proceedings of more than 25 domestic insurers, handling thousands of claims eligible for New York insurance security fund coverage, and distributing more than US$500 million in claim payments and estate dividends.

Since returning to private practice, Scott represents international, national and local insurers and producers in their regulatory and compliance activities with specific focus on New York State laws and regulations.  Representations involve the entire life cycle of insurers and producers, from the formation and licensing to operational compliance issues.  Scott also advises on the myriad regulatory aspects involved in insurance company mergers and acquisitions.  Finally, because for several years Scott led the New York Liquidation Bureau which is responsible for the liquidation of insurers, he advises troubled insurers facing involuntary liquidation and those seeking to wind-up their affairs.