Dr. John Garvey works with emerging technology and life science companies, advising clients on the creation of proprietary technology assets and monetization of these assets in connection with client business objectives.

John's clients include startup ventures and private organizations as well as publicly traded companies and nonprofit organizations, encompassing such diverse markets in life sciences as: antibodies, stem cells, cancer therapeutics and diagnostics, ocular disease and ocular devices, immunology, infection and vaccine technologies, tissue and organ grafts, medical lasers, transgenic technologies, diabetes, targeted drug delivery, computationally assisted drug design, bio-weapons detection and neutralization, blood and blood products, orthopedics, and medical devices. John also has experience with software, high-tech and information processing companies.

John's legal practice encompasses intellectual property prosecution and counselling, technology transfer and cross-border licensing, research collaborations, representing both companies and investors in private equity/venture capital transactions and public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, trademarks and branding, and adversarial patent proceedings.