Matthew Hierholzer focuses on all aspects of patent prosecution in biological sciences, bioinformatics, pharmaceuticals, and mechanical and medical devices.

Matthew also has experience assisting clients in patentability, due diligence, infringement and patent validity. His practice also focuses on searches utilizing biological and chemical databases. Matthew has particular experience in domestic and foreign patent protection in the biological, chemical and mechanical arts.

Exemplary technology areas include molecular and cell biology; stem cell biology, including generation, culture and therapeutic applications; culture media; cellular culture systems; bioproduction; cryopreservation; purification and separation technologies; proteins; antibodies; antisense molecules; RNA technology; gene therapy; genetics; analytic devices; immunoassay devices; bioinformatics, including computational algorithms; nucleic acid amplification; microarrays; microfluidics; robotics; nanotechnology; high throughput screening platforms; medical devices; implantable sensors; mechanical devices; optics; pharmaceuticals; transgenic plants; drug delivery systems; diagnostics; therapeutics; virology; host-vector systems; methylation analysis; biomarkers; vaccines; and immunology.

He also has experience assisting clients in patentability assessments, due diligence matters, infringement analysis, freedom to operate analysis, patent validity analysis, inventorship analysis and development of IP strategies.