Thomas Høj Pedersen has vast experience in the sale and purchase of real estate, including completing sale and purchase procedures, due diligence, and negotiations. Thomas has assisted foreign as well as Danish property investors in a number of major real-estate transactions.

In addition, Thomas has extensive experience in construction and consultancy law and has for about 10 years assisted construction-project parties in drawing up and negotiating contracts. Furthermore, he has conducted a number of survey proceedings, performance-bond-payment proceedings as well as lawsuits before the ordinary courts and arbitration proceedings before the Danish Arbitration Board for Building and Construction. As part of his regular services, Thomas advises construction-project parties on negotiation, risk management and preservation of evidence as well as dispute resolution, including alternative dispute resolution.

Thomas also provides advice in connection with issues relating to business leases, including contract negotiation and disputes, and is also involved in real-estate project development.

Thomas has an LL.M. from the University of San Diego and has worked as a mediator at the San Diego Court.