Peter Levy's practice encompasses a broad array of real estate transactions, from office building and shopping center leasing to raw land acquisition for residential and corporate office building development, and representation of timeshare developers, lenders and landowners in all aspects of the timeshare industry.

Peter has also represented a variety of clients in all types of real estate transactions, including landlords and tenants of office buildings and shopping centers, lenders and borrowers, residential real estate developers, buyers and sellers of industrial real estate, and purchasers of hotels.

Peter has been involved in real estate transactions dealing with real estate in many jurisdictions other than Illinois, including Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia, as well as in Ontario, Canada, the Caribbean and Paris, France.

Peter has represented clients for over 30 years in all aspects of the resort timesharing/vacation ownership industry. He has represented lenders in making loans to timeshare developers and timeshare homeowners' associations. Peter has represented developers in the preparation and structuring of timeshare program documentation; in registration of timeshare projects in both situs and non-situs jurisdictions; in the analysis and structuring of the land development aspects of a timeshare program; and in various types of timeshare financing transactions (such as construction loans, working capital and hypothecation loans, as well as timeshare loans, which include granting the lenders equity participation interests). He represents parties entering into joint ventures to develop timeshare projects, and he has represented hotel chains and timeshare developers entering into licensing arrangements to develop a branded timeshare product. The timeshare projects with which he has been involved are located in the states of Florida, Louisiana, Texas, California, Arizona and Hawaii, as well as in France, Mexico, Italy, Canada and the Caribbean. The projects encompass the right to use, fee simple and club membership forms of timesharing.