Damon Lewis focuses his practice on intellectual property law and technology, particularly in litigation and Federal Circuit appeals in the Technology and Retail sectors.

Damon has experience litigating patents before federal district courts in California, Michigan, Delaware, Texas and Virginia, and pursuant to Section 337 investigations before the International Trade Commission. Damon's work has involved software, power tools, electronics, e-commerce, distributed computing, communications and transportation technologies, and defending corporations against non-practicing entities. 

Damon has also counseled clients on trademarks, copyrights, and software as a service. As a former software engineer at Oracle Corporation, where he designed and built applications for logistics companies, Damon brings real-world experience to the realm of patent litigation. He also designed application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) while performing as a hardware engineer and cryptanalyst at the National Security Agency While at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Damon's graduate studies concerned efficient fleet scheduling for large airlines using artificial intelligence.