With over 18 years of experience, Antonio Macias Valdes is acknowledged as a leading authority on transfer pricing in Latin America.

Antonio has assisted multinational companies in expanding or restructuring their business footprint in Latin America by coordinating their tax supply chain analysis. Antonio also has extensive experience advising US companies on managing and implementing their various transfer pricing needs, including:

  • Structuring and pricing intercompany transactions
  • Developing transfer pricing policies
  • Establishing internal processes and teams to effectively implement transfer pricing policies
  • Producing global transfer pricing documentation in a cohesive and consistent manner
  • Interacting with global tax authorities in order to assist clients with resolving transfer pricing audits

Antonio is also well versed and has extensive experience advising clients and preparing transfer pricing documentation in accordance with the complex Brazilian transfer pricing regulations. Antonio also has prior experience with valuing intangible assets, including intellectual property.

Antonio Macias Valdes is not a lawyer