Richard Mar practises all aspects of acquisition, transfer and protection of intellectual ‎property rights with a concentration on patent counselling and prosecution‎.‎ Richard is admitted to the bar in British Columbia, Ontario and New York and is a member of the Canadian ‎Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

Richard assists clients with patentability and infringement opinions, drafting licensing agreements, and ‎enforcing intellectual property rights. He is highly skilled in drafting and prosecuting patent applications and ‎developing a global patent filing strategy for clients in a wide variety of technology areas including computer software and hardware, artificial intelligence, financial technologies (business methods/blockchain), virtualization technology, electrical products and integrated circuits, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and processes, medical devices, and mechanical fields. He has drafted hundreds of patent applications for ‎clients ranging from sole inventors to large multinational corporations with well-established patent ‎programs. He also has experience in assisting clients with enforcement of their intellectual property rights ‎in Canada and internationally. ‎

Richard is an active member of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC). He is an instructor for ‎IPIC’s Patent Agent Training Course and trains the next generation of patent agents. In addition, he is Chair ‎of the Young Practitioner’s ‎Committee where he oversees multiple subcommittees to further the mandate ‎of the committee by ‎providing networking opportunities, professional development webinars, and ‎establishing outreach ‎programs to raise awareness of IP to students and young practitioners.