John Reed's national practice involves the counseling and representation of corporations, boards of directors, individual officers and directors, special board committees and large investors with regard to class actions and derivative breach of fiduciary duty claims, corporate control disputes, mergers and acquisitions litigation, actions involving the interpretation of charter provisions and bylaws, actions by directors/officers seeking advancement/indemnification, stockholder appraisal actions, stockholder requests for books and records, internal corporate investigations, litigation arising out of transactions involving subsidiaries, tender offers, asset sales, capital restructurings, stockholder meetings and votes, dissolutions, bankruptcy/insolvency considerations, corporate reporting and compliance programs and other matters involving corporate law and governance and the interpretation and enforcement of the Delaware General Corporation Law.

John also has a significant local Delaware counsel practice and is often called upon by corporations and other law firms, large and small, from across the country and around the world to serve as counsel for cases pending in the Delaware courts and/or to advise or opine on Delaware law issues for transactions being handled in other jurisdictions but governed by Delaware law.

When not involved in litigation, John has a significant arbitrage practice advising hedge funds, private equity funds and other investors in connection with pending deals and cases as well as evaluating provisions in corporate charters, bylaws, acquisition agreements and tender offer documents.