Civil Litigation and Disputes

Securities, Shareholder and Financial Services Litigation

  • Solar energy company in securities litigation alleging misrepresentations and omissions concerning accounting practices, debt and liquidity
  • Technology company in securities fraud litigation based on non-disclosure of alleged corruption around tender award
  • Chemical manufacturer and managers in derivative and direct action alleging breaches of fiduciary duty and breach of contract relating to capital structure and financings
  • Food company in securities fraud and derivative litigations arising from alleged channel stuffing scheme and accounting violations
  • Investment bank in litigation and arbitration brought under the Commodity Exchange Act and antitrust laws arising from trading activity on the ICE Futures exchange
  • Foreign bank in dispute relating to rights to $1 billion deposit and obligations under credit facilities
  • CEO of leading investment bank in securities fraud litigation based on exposure to loan repurchase claims arising out of the sale of mortgage-backed securities and compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and SEC regulations
  • International financial services firm in disputes relating to derivatives trading and the purchase and sale of physical commodities
  • Financial services company in litigations brought by the New York State Attorney General's Office and a private plaintiff class arising from alleged conflicts of interest in the home loan industry
  • Foreign bank in a dispute concerning development and establishment of a Mexican infrastructure fund
  • Leading credit card issuer in connection with alleged violations of the RICO, Lanham and Computer Fraud and Abuse Acts, as well as allegations of breach of contract and unfair business practices under state law

Commercial Disputes

  •  Telecommunications company in dispute with joint-venture partner relating to indemnification and other obligations
  • Private equity firm in contractual dispute arising from bankruptcy of portfolio company
  • Indian conglomerate in compensation dispute initiated by the former CEO of its US subsidiary 
  • Investment bank in litigation arising from a failed real estate and resort development transaction in the Dominican Republic
  • Insurance companies in litigations and arbitrations in multiple jurisdictions relating to workers compensation profit-sharing program
  • Consumer products company in defense of false advertising suits brought by competitors and consumers under the Lanham Act and state consumer protection laws

Investigations, Enforcement and Compliance Matters

  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey relating to operations at John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • Multi-billion dollar global charity arising from allegations of diversion of funds to designated terrorist organization and representing charity in related dealings with governmental authorities
  • Global media company in connection with various governmental and other investigations and proceedings relating to broadcasting rights for professional soccer competitions and a related internal investigation
  • South Africa based technology company in SEC and DOJ investigations into potential violations of the FCPA and federal securities laws in connection with a government social services tender and related public disclosures
  • Independent directors of publicly-traded helicopter company regarding potential estate claims in bankruptcy case
  • Blockchain company in federal and state investigations relating to an initial coin offering and promotional activity
  • International technology outsourcing company in connection with criminal and civil FCPA investigations, and a related internal investigation
  • Traders in connection with government investigations into fraud and collusion in connection with LIBOR and ISDAFIX submissions
  • European soccer club in connection with allegations of corruption relating to proposed stadium construction project
  • Professional US sports league in government investigations and proceedings relating to the sale and use of performance enhancing substances.
  • For-profit education institution in Congressional and related investigations
  • Hedge fund manager in insider trading cases brought by the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York and the SEC
  • Accounting firm in a Madoff-related securities fraud investigation
  • Several former Lehman Brothers managing directors in government investigations
  • Managing directors at a Canadian investment bank in criminal and civil investigations into the fraudulent mismarking of the bank's natural gas derivatives trading book
  • Tax attorney at an investment bank in a federal grand jury investigation of allegedly fraudulent tax shelters
  • International freight-forwarding company in a criminal investigation in connection with the shipment of United States-origin goods to Iran in possible violation of US export restrictions and related matters
  • Investment advisors as member of Independent Compliance Consultant team pursuant to settlements with the SEC and state regulators relating to improper market timing in managed funds