James Stewart is a business-minded lawyer whose practice focuses on cutting-edge intellectual property issues in the areas of trademark, copyright, advertising, licensing and Internet issues. 

James capitalizes on his background working in brand development and protection for an international quick service restaurant franchise to provide his clients with practical and digestible guidance aligned with his clients’ business objectives.  James has an understanding of issues important to clients and business functions, given his previous work on the client side of the industry. 

James is dedicated to helping his clients build and protect great, successful, global brands.  James assists clients on a wide variety of intellectual property matters, with a particular focus on intellectual property licensing, trademark counselling, copyright, advertising and promotional issues, domain names and other Internet issues.  He helps clients to identify and protect valuable intellectual property assets as well as develop effective strategies to maintain the value of their intellectual property and take action against unauthorized uses of the same. 

In addition, James helps clients on issues such as permissible use of copyright-protected materials within their organization, through conducting audits and preparing business-friendly guidance to help implement organization-wide policies.  James has also assisted clients on pre-production review of advertising material to evaluate potential issues with comparative advertising or claims.  James is also experienced in helping clients to run contests, sweepstakes, and other promotional initiatives in the United States and around the world.  James has also had the privilege of counselling several internationally renowned certifying bodies on their certification mark programs. 

James has an in-depth understanding of Internet issues faced by brands.  He regularly assists his clients implement policies and procedures under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and helps copyright owners to take advantage of this act to remove unauthorized uses of their works on the Internet.  James has also helped clients successfully in a number of domain name disputes.  He also regularly acquires key domain names for brands. 

James helps manage the worldwide intellectual property merchandise licensing program for one of the world’s most beloved children’s authors.  He uses this experience to counsel clients on a variety of licensing matters with third-parties and related entities alike.  

James is detail oriented, but does not lose sight of the overall objective.  He seeks to provide legal brand protection strategies that allow his clients to accomplish their business goals while achieving maximum protection for their brands.