Greg Sperla is a litigator and regulatory attorney protecting clients in complex litigation and regulatory enforcement matters. He is focused on the science of consumer products, food and beverages, and is broadly experienced in domestic and global regulation of consumer goods and disputes. On behalf of manufacturers, distributors and retailers, Mr. Sperla has conducted trials and appeals and defended matters against local, state, and federal agencies.

Mr. Sperla has advised companies of all sizes, including startups and Fortune 500s in dozens of industries, on matters involving California's Proposition 65, consumer class actions, administrative proceedings, permitting and licensure, hazardous waste, regulatory enforcement, and product labeling and marketing rules, among other issues. He has also advised major trade associations on critical legislative and regulatory matters.

Mr. Sperla is an active litigator with significant experience in federal and state court, including the state's busiest complex litigation departments. He is one of the few attorneys to have obtained a post-trial judgment requiring a Proposition 65 "bounty hunter" to pay costs to a defendant. His passion for both science and civil procedure is reflected in multiple publications, presentations, and panels on cutting-edge issues affecting California litigants and a wide array of companies.