Stanton ("Larry") Stein’s clients include actors, writers, directors, producers, musicians, high-net-worth individuals, entertainment guilds, talent agencies, personal and business management companies, independent production companies and interactive gaming companies.

Throughout the last decade, Larry created the legal concept of vertical integration and has initiated numerous lawsuits challenging use. His efforts have changed the face of contract negotiation among networks, their affiliated production companies and talent, seeking to more evenly allocate revenue among profit participants including actors, directors, writers and producers. Larry has brought countless lawsuits on behalf of his clients against conglomerates that were self-dealing on licensing fees and a variety of other revenue streams. He is widely known in the entertainment industry for his work taking on Hollywood studios.

In addition to his groundbreaking litigation against vertical integration, Larry is also addressing the parameters of copyright infringement in reality television. He brought the seminal lawsuit to establish copyright protection for formats in reality television.

Larry has a long history of bringing defamation, right of privacy and right of publicity actions against publications and private individuals while dealing with the media and governmental agencies. He has secured dozens of confidential settlements and retractions.

Throughout his career, Larry has been recognized by leading legal, business, and entertainment industry publications and organizations for the successes he has achieved on behalf of his clients.