Clayton Thompson is a technology lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in handling disputes and transactions involving electronic devices, computer hardware and software, industrial machines, vehicle technology, and consumer goods. The majority of Clayton’s practice involves trial work in patent cases concerning cutting-edge technology. Clayton has successfully litigated cases involving both computer hardware related to processor architecture, memory, peripherals and graphics processing, as well as computer software relating to operating systems, networking and encryption. Clayton’s experience includes multiple trials focused on smartphones and the technologies embedded in these devices, including user-interface advances, device orientation and location features, biometrics, cloud-based server support and advanced video capabilities.

Clayton’s practice more broadly involves developing legal solutions for companies in the high-technology sector. Clayton advises clients concerning intellectual property portfolio development, risk management, contracts and licensing, in addition to litigation. Clayton has been a speaker on topics related to patent law, litigation and Intellectual Property licensing. He has also served as a committee chair and member of legal and technical professional societies focused on litigation, intellectual property and computer technologies.