Gowri Kangeson is a 'go to' litigator - particularly for difficult and complex cases - especially those involving proceedings in numerous jurisdictions.  She is the 'ultimate crisis manager' for SMEs and large corporates alike.

Gowri is experienced in all forms of dispute resolution including arbitration, mediation, conciliation, expert appraisal and commercial negotiation as well as formal litigation before Australian and international courts. She is a qualified lawyer in Malaysia, England & Wales and Australia.

Gowri's experience encompasses commercial disputes, controversy across the technology, energy, education and real estate sectors and also regulatory investigations and disputes.

She has significant experience of regulatory investigations including the interrelationship between civil litigation and regulatory issues, and also in investigating and litigating fraud claims in a variety of contexts. Gowri also values the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms when suitable to her clients’ varying circumstances

Gowri's focus is on building long term relationships with clients. In doing this, she gains a deep understanding of her client's businesses and risk appetite - knowledge she applies in investigations, defence of claims, pursuit of remedies and also in pursuit of better (and faster) alternative dispute approaches.  In all cases, her client facing approach fosters efficiency and commercial results and assists in delivering outcomes for 'bet the farm' disputes and every day commercial disputes.