In recent years, state attorneys general have increasingly been among the most aggressive regulators in the US. Across a range of industries, state AGs have used their roles as their states’ chief law enforcement and consumer protection officers to bring significant investigations and lawsuits – many of which have implications for companies and industries beyond any particular state’s borders. These matters are conducted both individually and, with growing frequency, as coordinated multi-state actions.

This growth in state-level enforcement underscores the value of outside counsel with direct experience dealing with state AGs, as well as in-depth knowledge of the way these agencies operate.

Experience that counts. DLA Piper’s State Attorneys General practice has one of the most experienced groups of state AG practitioners in the country. It is headed by attorneys who served in key leadership positions in state AG offices and by attorneys with broad experience representing clients across a spectrum of business sectors in significant matters before state AGs. Our team includes the former elected Attorney General of Delaware, and former senior officials from the California and New York state AG offices. Our team also includes a number of former federal officials, among them assistant US attorneys in nine federal jurisdictions across the country, trial attorneys and senior policy officials from Main Justice, and key personnel in other federal agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Transportation, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Defense.

Our approach to a unique enforcement challenge. State AG investigations are unique and often public-facing. Across the political spectrum, state AGs are active in various areas of the law and have in their arsenal a wide range of state law authority – which frequently can exceed the scope of federal regulators. Drawing upon their own experience handling these matters as attorney general and senior-level officials, our team is well equipped to handle the public pressure of investigations and litigation brought by state AGs. We understand state AGs and their offices, and we regularly engage with them in key organizations such as the National Association of Attorneys General, the Attorney General Alliance/Conference of Western Attorneys General, the Democratic Attorneys General Association and the Republican Attorneys General Association.

Our goal is always to find the right result for our clients. We are equally capable of navigating complicated issues of law and policy to achieve early dismissals, negotiating an appropriate resolution, or litigating, as the circumstances require. Unlike many firms, we regularly represent clients in all of these scenarios in state AG matters. From the conference room to the courtroom, DLA Piper has handled it.

We have a cross-disciplinary team of practitioners across the country, which means that we’re ready to handle any issue in any industry within the reach of state AG enforcement. DLA Piper’s breadth and depth of knowledge also extends to handling joint federal-state matters and parallel litigation by private plaintiffs. From life sciences to transportation, toxic torts, data privacy and financial services regulation, the DLA Piper platform is designed to be a one-stop shop for your state AG enforcement needs, across all sectors and areas of the law.