Hemp, cannabis, CBD oil

The hemp industry is burgeoning on a global scale, and the United States is no exception. However, the legal and regulatory status of the hemp marketplace is daunting and even uncertain. Businesses are faced with an inconsistent patchwork at the state and local level, joined with complex, slowly evolving federal regulations and policies. Furthermore, operating in this space means addressing a host of regulatory, investment, healthcare, banking, bankruptcy, tax, real estate, intellectual property, corporate, finance, insurance, privacy, and employment law issues.

Given the ever-changing climate within this multifaceted market, new and innovative strategies are necessary for businesses to operate effectively and thrive.

The DLA Piper Difference

DLA Piper can help. Our knowledgeable lawyers understand the hemp industry, its nuances and complexities. We have in-depth experience advising businesses on federal, state and local hemp laws and regulatory programs. Our knowledge in advising on hemp, hemp-derived cannabinoid products (e.g., CBD tinctures, CBN capsules, CBG biopharmaceuticals), and the laws and policies surrounding the marketplace, coupled with our interdisciplinary approach and our leadership as advisors on government policy, allows us to serve clients who are exploring domestic and international opportunities involving hemp.

We are innovative, practical and work with start-ups and global multinational companies. Our team includes former business leaders and regulators. And our interdisciplinary approach, global network and vast experience across the spectrum of business law make DLA Piper a one-stop shop to provide clients sound, practical and customized legal advice regarding their interests in hemp and hemp-derived products.