Whether employers are focused domestically or multi-nationally, the laws relating to an employer’s relations with its workforce are becoming increasingly critical and central to corporate strategy. Whether the issue is compliance with international conventions or treaties, whistleblowing in the financial services sector, employee consultation over business reorganization, or even basic employment law compliance, success turns on navigating an increasingly complex regulatory framework. And where a multi-national company is targeted for a global strategic labor campaign of the type which seek to multiply an employer’s legal and regulatory problems, a coordinated global response is necessary.

We are one of the few practices in the world that combines experienced resources in this area covering more than 20 countries. Our approach is to use our considerable experience to deliver practical and effective solutions for our clients. We often assist clients in the formulation of strategic goals, applying best practices in the process, in addition to assisting clients to achieve or protect their long-term, pre-set objectives.

With years of experience in dealing with collective employment and traditional labor matters and disputes, we are ideally placed to advise, guide and represent employer clients domestically and internationally.