Class actions and collective redress litigation are being filed with increasing frequency across the globe. These proceedings allow plaintiffs' lawyers to file complaints that claim to remedy a supposed wrong on behalf of groups of aggrieved investors, shareholders or consumers. Aggressive plaintiffs' lawyers are attempting to capitalize on the rising availability of these actions in numerous countries and are increasingly prosecuting claims in a coordinated manner across jurisdictions.

These procedures vary across jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions are steeped in long-standing regulations, and others are emerging. To address this great variation, prudent companies seek an experienced team of lawyers on the ground who can help you navigate the issues, in each local jurisdiction as well as across borders and globally. In this high-stakes atmosphere, DLA Piper's Global Class Actions and Collective Redress group can help. Leveraging our global platform, our integrated team works closely together across multiple jurisdictions where class actions and collective redress litigation is existing or expanding, among them the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and many countries in Europe and Asia.