Our team provide assistance on all aspects of privacy compliance related legal support, implementing practical risk based solutions that align to the way your business operates, where possible turning privacy compliance into a competitive advantage. 

Our assistance includes:

  • Assisting organisations in preparing for the Regulation and development of effective organisational controls and governance structures 
  • Carrying out a privacy impact assessment for your organisation, as required under the Regulation, to evaluate the nature and sensitivity of the data processing operations you currently carry out or envisage carrying out in the future
  • Managing data security breaches
  • Advising on supply chain and cross-border data issues 
  • Liaison with regulators  
  • Defending class action privacy law suits
  • Advising on how to maximise value from data assets consistent with the regulatory landscape 
  • Monitoring regulatory developments and providing practical impact assessments 
  • Supporting privacy by design in new projects through adoption of effective tools, instruments or applications.
Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can offer the tailored assistance your organisation needs.