Upholding the rights of refugees and stateless people

Upholding the rights of refugees and stateless people is a key focus of our pro bono program. Across the world, our lawyers work with individuals, NGOs and intergovernmental organizations to help address this crisis. DLA Piper Middle East LLP has worked with a number of organizations, including UNHCR, International Rescue Committee (IRC) and International Refugee Assistance Program (IRAP), to support primarily Syrian refugees who have been displaced due to the conflict in Syria.

Refugee women's right to work

Our lawyers worked with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to produce a report: Ruled out of work: Refugee women's right to work, which assessed the legal framework for refugees' participation in the economy in five jurisdictions: Ethiopia, Germany, Lebanon, Jordan and Uganda. The report revealed a complex set of rules and requirements affecting refugees' opportunities. The report also assessed the impact of the law on refugee women's right to work and access to economic opportunities in countries that host large numbers of refugees. We helped the IRC conclude that refugee women suffer economic exclusion and marginalization and the IRC is using the report to support their lobbying to increase refugee women's right to work in countries that host large numbers of refugees.

International Refugee Assistance Program's

We are supporting the International Refugee Assistance Program (IRAP) in their work on resettling vulnerable Syrian refugees currently residing in Lebanon to a third country. Lebanon hosts over one million refugees, predominantly Syrians and Palestinians, the largest number of refugees per capita of any hosting country in the world. The IRAP Lebanon office provides free legal assistance and other services to these refugees, helping them navigate the resettlement process so they can find permanent residence in safe countries. DLA Piper lawyers will be seconded to the IRAP office to work on intakes for resettlement and relocation cases.

UN Refugee Agency

We have partnered with UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) on a multijurisdictional research project relating to national legislation for select refugee rights in 15 focus countries (including Iraq). UNHCR used our research to develop a tool for analyzing whether and how national legislation complies with international law standards on refugee rights. DLA Piper Middle East lawyers assessed refugee rights for the right to work and labor-related rights, access to education, access to documentation, and naturalization in Iraq.

What do we do?

  • We work to uphold the Rights of Refugees and Stateless People.
  • We provide practical legal skills training at law schools across the Middle East region.
  • We provide extensive legal research to our pro bono clients, enabling them to advance their work in the region.
  • We provide legal support via clinics to individuals who cannot afford representation.