Acquisition and disposal

Our multidisciplinary group is experienced in the increasingly complex aspects of real estate transactions for all property types. In many acquisition and disposal matters, we consider complex tax, accounting, and securities issues on behalf of our clients. Our critical mass of lawyers facilitates timely completion of substantial due diligence projects for large portfolio transactions.

Due diligence

Companies across the globe count on us to organize, abstract, and analyze their real estate portfolios. These portfolios may comprise of leases, title reports, management agreements, easement agreements or other agreements. Whether the context involves an acquisition, disposition or merger, or necessary internal strategic planning, companies often face the daunting task of gathering information spread across a portfolio and organizing it into digestible categories and spreadsheets. We are an invaluable asset in addressing this challenge.

Joint ventures and other structures

The breadth of our tax, regulatory, corporate, and real estate experience enables us to effectively represent a broad array of clients in connection with the formation, structuring, acquisition, and disposition of real estate joint ventures and other entity structures.


A viable and efficient tax strategy that supports your real estate transaction is vital. We understand the fundamental role that tax plays in real estate investments and we deliver a multi-disciplinary tax service that integrates our real estate, tax, corporate and financing experience. We take the time to ensure that we understand your individual investment needs and set up a tax efficient structure that is tailored to you and optimizes your investment.

Dispute resolution

Disputes can arise in even the most carefully managed investments. By working with you from the start to assess strengths and weaknesses, we minimize uncertainty and create pragmatic, workable solutions. Where there is no negotiated solution, we use the most cost effective and appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms to achieve successful outcomes.