Government affairs and diplomatic support

DLA Piper's dedicated team provides the full range government affairs and diplomatic support services which we are able to tailor to the needs of the respective diplomatic mission.

DLA Piper regularly advises foreign governments and as such has a number of highly specialised experts and senior advisors. In addition, we build on an excellent network of contacts throughout the European Institutions (European Commission, European Parliament and European Council/Member States) and beyond including the European External Action Service (EEAS).

For our activities we provide key experts from within our firm but also external experts from within our international network. On behalf of our clients – including diplomatic missions in Brussels – we have engaged experts from the European Commission (from Commissioner level down to specialists within the various Directorates-General), the European Parliament – a wide range of Members of the European Parliament are included as part of our professional engagements and have assisted in diplomatic training programmes and bilateral meetings. The same is true for the ambassadors and permanent representatives, in particular those engaged in the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy and External Relations.

We also engage leading academics and journalists and correspondents in our programmes.

Our services include:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Monitoring, analysis and reporting
  • Policy briefings
  • Meeting programmes and background briefings
  • Agenda setting
  • Strategic advice
  • Public diplomacy
  • Media and communications
  • Legal and EU regulatory advice

Public policy

We represent clients on a range of issues relating to highly regulated sectors including financial services, insurance, life sciences, food and beverage and manufacturing. We have enabled our clients to attain not only 'ahead of time' information concerning forthcoming proposals, and have positioned them as the first point of call for legislators seeking to discuss the industry position and perspective with those operating on the ground.

We are in frequent direct contact with those formulating the legislative agenda for the forthcoming term, and the Directorate charged with steering proposals under the new European Commissioner. We regularly discuss up-coming initiatives with the Commission.

Our clients come from a range of backgrounds and standpoints, and not only originate from inside the European Union. We specialise in representing multinational and transatlantic clients doing business within the European Union.

By having specialist EU Law and Policy experts, we are able to identify pieces of forthcoming legislation which may additionally impact upon our clients. By building long term relationships, we fully understand their needs and objectives, to ensure no crucial developments are missed.

Our services include:

  • Early warning and intelligence gathering on regulatory developments
  • Influencing and shaping the forthcoming law and policy
  • Developing compliance programs and assessing the commercial impact of changes
  • Dealing with contentious and non-contentious legislative developments
  • Contact building, briefing and platform building using our networks
  • Positioning clients as key stakeholders to decision makers
  • Long term agenda setting
  • Government relations training
  • Pan European alliance building
  • Crisis management and media monitoring

EU internal market

Many international companies fail to get the most out of the markets that they operate in. To maximise the use of these markets, we regularly assist our clients to exploit existing regulatory instruments, lobby decision-makers for market access improvements, and influence regulatory approvals.

Capacity building

As well as providing direct technical and strategic advice, DLA Piper's EU Law and Policy team has developed a comprehensive suite of training courses to help build the longer term capacity of public officials, diplomats and business people equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to become an effective negotiator or operator across the US, EU and its Member States and beyond.