Be Global April 2016

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EU wide: New European data protection rules will have significant impact on employers

14 April 2016 saw the adoption of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation which heralds a new dawn in data protection, with far-reaching consequences for employers. For many, there will need to be a wholesale change in culture with a brand new approach to processing personal employee data.

UK: April changes to employment law

A number of important employment law developments came into effect in April 2016 including changes to the national minimum wage, penalties in employment tribunals and unfair dismissal and redundancy compensation.

Germany: Update on reform of labor leasing laws

After the original legislative proposal made in November 2015 regarding reforms to the labor leasing laws met massive resistance not only within the government but also by employers’ associations and German scholars and jurisprudence, the German Labour Ministry has now presented an amended legislative proposal.

China: New immigration and visa policies for foreigners in Beijing

New immigration and visa policies for foreigners working in Beijing took effect on 1 March 2016 including relaxed green card criteria and pilot immigration policies for highly skilled foreign workers in the Zhongguancun Science Park.

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