Sustainability and ESG Issues in Advertising

The importance of Sustainability, and Environmental/ Social/ Governance (ESG) topics has soared for consumers, businesses, and regulators in recent months, with increasing awareness of the climate crisis and social issues, ranging from supporting Black Lives Matter to tackling deprivation. There is an associated global trend towards greater advertising based on ESG issues, with brands increasingly claiming they and their products have sustainability-related credentials. The stakes are high, with regulators taking an ever-closer interest in sustainability claims, and high profile examples of brands damage from by allegations of “green washing”. This DLA Piper vlog series builds on our 2020 webinar on the topic and, in bite-size 3-minute episodes, examines different aspects of sustainability/ ESG issues in advertising law, each delivered by a lawyer from across our global advertising and marketing law team.

More vlogs will be added to this page over the coming weeks and months, so please continue to visit this page to learn more about ESG and advertising from a different country’s perspective.