Today the world operates within a complex political and regulatory environment. The way in which businesses and governments interpret and influence the developments within this environment is crucial to their ongoing commercial success.

Effective management of this environment is key to the way in which you are perceived by the markets and by political, regulatory, media and consumer audiences.

Our objective is to help our clients, whether business or government to navigate their way through the complex network of regulation, legislation and standards that govern global policy making; to understand policy creation and decision making processes across the EU and beyond; and to ensure their opinion is heard and heeded in Brussels, Geneva, London and other global capitals.

DLA Piper has assembled a dedicated team to lead this work, who enjoy the support of the largest legal services provider in the world. We understand Government and Policy Making and we recognise that it is founded on the Law.

Unlike any other firms, our team is drawn from skilled professionals with long-standing experience, including at the most senior levels, in EU and national regulatory authorities and international organisations. We have a significant presence in EU Law and Policy in London, Brussels, and the rest of the firm's global network. We work closely with the Federal Law and Policy group in Washington.