Our people networks have three main roles:

  • supporting our people
  • raising awareness and sharing knowledge
  • collaborating with our clients and communities


Iris is our international network for LGBT+ individuals and allies. It promotes an inclusive work environment for all our colleagues by organizing networking opportunities, collaborating with clients on LGBT+ initiatives, and sharing information and ideas.

Our recent IDAHOBIT and Pride communications are just two examples of the great work done by our Iris network.


LAW (Leadership Alliance for Women), our gender-balance network, is open to all our people. The group works internally and externally to strengthen the influence, leadership and voices of women at our firm.

LAW plays a key role in helping us review processes that improve gender balance. LAW also delivers educational and inspiring events internally and externally, and collaborates with clients on gender-balance issues.

Race, ethnicity and cultural heritage

Mosaic is our ethnicity and cultural heritage people network. Activities include our reverse-mentoring initiative in the UK with the senior leadership team.

Families, parents and carers

PACT (Parents and Carers Together) is our people network for anyone with caring and family responsibilities of any kind, and anyone who wants to find out more about how to support those who do.

PACT works closely with our community partners, such as Working Parents, Carers UK and City Parents. During school holidays, events are run through the PACT network, such as virtual family wellbeing sessions, yoga, our DLA Kids World Tour, and treasure hunts.

Disability, health and wellbeing

Enabled is our disability people network, supporting those affected by a disability, long-term health condition, or mental health and wellbeing issue.