Product Liability and Mass Torts

  • Litigation and defense

DLA Piper is proud to feature a premier team of product liability litigation attorneys whose depth and breadth of knowledge and experience is unmatched. In jurisdictions around the world, our lawyers advise on legal responsibility for product defects, injuries sustained, and damages suffered, and assist in the collation of relevant evidence and the engagement of relevant experts.

Our attorneys are highly experienced at managing the litigation process from beginning to end, including with regards to disclosure of documents, collation of witness evidence, obtaining expert evidence, interim applications, and preparations for trial, as well as through trial and the appeals process.

  • Class actions by multiple claimants and mass torts

DLA Piper regularly represents clients in class action and mass tort lawsuits and serves as trial counsel to many of the world's leading corporations. In actions filed on behalf of large groups of claimants, our clients depend on our attorneys to anticipate emerging threats, develop streamlined, effective strategies that respond to the nuances of a particular suit, defeat class certification and/or plaintiff's claims at an early stage, and safeguard their long-term business interests. We have repeatedly brought our diversity of knowledge, talent, and experience to bear successfully defending against consumer claims of all sizes and levels of complexity including emerging forms of collective redress.

  • Insurance coverage

DLA Piper advises on the availability and scope of cover (product recall, business interruption, legal costs, etc.), the form of all necessary notifications and any relevant exclusions, and will liaise with insurers/ brokers as appropriate.

Product Stewardship and Regulatory Compliance

  • Product safety

Product safety forms an important part of our practice. Our lawyers have extensive experience in advising on supranational, and national/state legislation; the areas which are most likely to be of concern to manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, including materials restriction regulation, such as the EU REACH and WEEE and RoHS legislation, packaging, waste and product life-cycle management legislation, and national requirements on labelling and containers. We are intimately familiar with the US regulatory landscape as well, and advise often on issues relating to the CPSC, FDA, FTC, and other agencies.

Our lawyers advise clients on regulations and compliance when bringing a product to market, deal with issues when a product is in the marketplace including providing risk assessments and planning corrective actions.

  • Product recall and crisis management

In the event of a potential recall situation, we can deploy a Crisis Management team who can act quickly and assess whether or not a recall is necessary and continually review that decision. The team can make any necessary notifications to regulators within strict timescales.

The decision to undertake a product recall, whether on ground of regulatory compliance issues or to pre-empt potential liability claims, is always a difficult one which will be determined by a number of factors. Often a recall will be the option of last resort once all other avenues have been exhausted. Factors which will be taken in to account are: the volume of product on the market place, how easily the product can be recalled, whether or not there is a safety risk and whether any statutory obligations to undertake a recall apply.

We also provide 'Rapid Response', a global crisis management hotline service, which provides 24-hour, 365-day a year access to regulatory legal advice and crises assistance.

We also have a full capability for dealing with a number of public market surveillance authorities in various jurisdictions at the same time.