Strategic union campaigns are global and coordinated.

Dramatic shifts have occurred in how labor unions engage the world’s multinational companies. The expansion of businesses across borders has motivated the world’s largest unions to form international coalitions and affiliations, enhancing their scope and capabilities. Unions across the globe are cooperating on an unprecedented scale, sharing strategies and resources, and coordinating efforts to target multinationals as well as entire industry sectors.

The Global Strategic Union Campaigns team assists companies subject to global and national union strategic campaigns by coordinating DLA Piper’s global resources and executing a comprehensive response on a national and global basis.  The team helps clients develop and execute coordinated and innovative strategies to manage such campaigns by identifying and evaluating campaign-related conduct, directing a response, engaging with shareholders and government policymakers, implementing effective media strategies, advising companies on the application of various international documents, conventions, and guidelines, and using local laws and litigation to combat disruptive activity.