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Providing access to justice

Pro BonoToo many people around the world cannot afford a lawyer to assist them with basic issues relating to their health, safety, and security. We are committed to finding innovative and workable solutions so that people in need have access to legal advice, regardless of ability to pay.
How we help:
  • We staff physical and virtual legal clinics around the world to help people who cannot afford a lawyer with civil legal issues.
  • We provide thought leadership on access to justice and rule of law issues.
  • We team with organizations to litigate issues that promote access to justice.
  • We run legal empowerment sessions to inform individuals about their rights and increase their confidence in engaging with the legal system.
  • Through New Perimeter, we develop projects around the world to promote access to justice.
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Advocating against domestic violence

Pro BonoUN Women estimates that 35% of women worldwide have experienced domestic violence at some point in their lives. Our lawyers help domestic violence survivors escape abuse and seek remedies that ensure physical safety, encourage legal independence, reduce the risk of poverty and permit family unification.
How we help:
  • We help survivors of domestic violence obtain protective orders.
  • We help survivors normalize their immigration status so that they can work, access public benefits, safely report abuse and obtain financial independence.
  • We help with family law issues.
  • We provide pro bono support to organisations working against domestic violence.
  • We have developed a project to address violence against women in the Pacific Islands, an area of the world in which women suffer from a high level of inequality in society, including in law and governance.
  • Through New Perimeter, our lawyers work on projects to fight gender-based violence with organizations such as Vital Voices and Advocates for Human Rights, among others.
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Upholding the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and stateless people

Pro BonoUNHCR has found that worldwide displacement is at a record high of close to 60million people forcibly displaced due to wars, conflict and persecution. Across the world, our lawyers are working with individuals, NGOs and intergovernmental organisations to help address this crisis.
How we help:
  • We have established legal clinics in Europe, the UK and the US to facilitate access to justice for asylum seekers, refugees and stateless people.
  • We represent individuals in asylum proceedings and assist stateless people with the legal procedure for recognition of statelessness.
  • We provide legal support and strategic advice to UNHCR and leading NGOs in the sector.
  • We work with UNHCR and government agencies to clarify existing laws and bring about change.
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Representing NGOs and social entrepreneurs

Pro BonoMany non-governmental entities around the world cannot afford to divert scarce resources for legal counsel. Our pro bono assistance enables them to focus instead on fulfilling their missions. We also support social entrepreneurs and enterprises as they work to address some of society's most pressing problems.
How we help:
  • We represent local, national and global nonprofit organizations, social entrepreneurs, and UN bodies with start-up issues, organizational and day-to-day operating issues, contractual matters, innovative structural questions and and transactions.
  • We do legal work to help organizations advance their underlying missions. We educate organizations through "Legal Helpsheets", workshops, and clinics on legal issues commonly faced.
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Protecting the rights of children

Pro BonoHow we help:
UNICEF: Through our partnership with UNICEF, the world's leading children's charity, we support child justice around the world. Together, we work to put into place legal systems that align with international child rights standards and best practices. In addition to our pro bono legal assistance, we have raised nearly $1.5 million to support UNICEF's ‘Justice for Children’ project to help ensure that children coming into contact with the law are better served and protected.
Education: We are committed to improving educational outcomes for all children.
  • We advocate for and represent children with disabilities so that they can receive the support that they need to achieve in school.
  • We provide legal support and strategic advice to schools and NGOs in the sector.
Juvenile Justice: We engage in advocacy as well as direct representation to protect the rights of children engaged with the justice system.
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Furthering rule of law and sustainable economic growth

Many countries face particular challenges that make it more difficult for them to foster growth. These challenges are often the result of conflict or other instability and result in outdated laws, weak legal institutions and an unfriendly environment for investors. By working with under-resourced governments and others on key issues we aim to help reduce poverty and increase stability through economic growth.

How we help:
  • We assist in the drafting of laws and policies.
  • We build capacity and confidence by providing training to lawyers.
  • We provide advice in key areas of law, including business, finance, human rights, environment and foreign affairs.
  • Through New Perimeter, we have assisted countries to further the rule of law and economic development in places such as Kosovo and East Timor.
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Tackling the illegal wildlife trade

Pro BonoThe illegal wildlife trade is a global challenge, becoming ever more pervasive and increasingly impacting species conservation and the stability and security of societies. Although 179 countries are party to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the illegal trade in wildlife is the third largest illegal business behind drugs and weapons.
How we help:
  • We have conducted research on the laws concerning the wildlife trade in a range of countries.
  • We offer assistance to countries in strengthening and enforcing legislation.
  • We sit on the United for Wildlife Transport Industry Taskforce, providing legal advice and research support.
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New Perimeter

Our nonprofit affiliate provides long-term pro bono legal assistance in under-served regions around the world to support access to justice, social and economic development, and sound legal institutions. Our projects include global teams of lawyers around the world who often spend time on the ground or in-country working on the projects. Visit our New Perimeter site.

How we help:
  • We are training the next generation of lawyers in Latin America to provide pro bono legal services to those unable to afford legal counsel.
  • We collaborated with major international microfinance institutions to draft model legislation to increase consumer protections for microfinance customers.
  • We drafted desk reference manuals and delivered innovative, simulation-based workshops for magistrate judges and prosecutors in Guyana.
  • We advised Peruvian lawmakers on how to strengthen Peru’s anti-domestic violence laws.
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Serving those who serve our country

Pro Bono1.4 million US Veterans live below the federal poverty line. We are committed to providing legal and community engagement services to veterans and active duty military personnel across the United States.
How we help:
  • Our veterans support has grown from 2008 when we volunteered at our first Stand Down event in San Diego, to today as we help veterans gain access to disability benefits, records expungement, legal business advice and clinics that enable them to resolve outstanding legal issues.
  • We run legal clinics at Veteran’s Hospitals across the US.
  • Through the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans, we represent disabled veteran entrepreneurs in helping them establish and run their businesses.
  • We volunteer in homeless court, which serves homeless veterans.
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Second chances

Pro BonoDLA Piper is committed to making our criminal justice system more fair and just for everyone, including the more than 65 million Americans who have a criminal record.
How we help:
  • We have a longstanding commitment to juvenile justice. Our lawyers represent children in juvenile court, serve on the boards of leading national juvenile justice organizations, and have served as amicus counsel in appellate court matters, including to the Supreme Court of the United States.
  • We help individuals seal or expunge their criminal records so that they can move forward with their lives.
  • We have been involved in efforts to end juvenile life without parole, both through advocacy and direct representation.
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Feeding the hungry in our global neighborhood

One in eight people worldwide do not get enough food to eat. Since 1988, fighting hunger and supporting food banks has been a focus of our pro bono legal work. Our commitment to fight hunger spans the creation of the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN), legal representation of Feeding America and numerous local food banks where we have offices, our annual food drive and charitable contributions and our on-site food sorting volunteer nights.
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Schools for all

We are committed to improving educational outcomes for children across Europe and the UK by supporting inclusive education in schools.

How we help:
  • We map the causes and manifestations of discrimination for children with intellectual or psycho-social disabilities and work with local actors to devise strategies to counter them.
  • We engage with national mechanisms and the UN treaty body system to highlight systemic issues on both a national and individual level.
  • We provide direct representation to individuals to help them to realize their rights.
  • We provide legal support and strategic advice to leading NGOs in the sector.
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Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific

Supporting indigenous rights

Pro BonoAs part of our Australia Reconciliation Action Plan we are committed to supporting and advancing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities and organisations around Australia.
How we help:
  • We represent indigenous individuals in legal proceedings to enhance access to justice and advocate against discrimination.
  • We support Indigenous artists by providing pro bono assistance on a range of issues. We also draft wills for Indigenous artists through the 'Artists in the Black' programme.
  • We are involved in efforts to reduce over-incarceration of Indigenous people by supporting organisations in their research, advocacy and law reform efforts.
  • We support Indigenous led solutions and organizations.
Our Australian offices also work to support organizations providing free legal advice to incarcerated individuals and their families, and to support individuals leaving the criminal justice system to rebuild their lives.
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