Cloud computing: Cloud is the new norm

Organizations have become comfortable with the pros and cons of larger-scale cloud adoption and are looking to place more business critical and substantial solutions into it.

Our 2018 European Tech Index reveals:

The eight key benefits driving widespread adoption of cloud computing

Over 90 percent of respondents said their business now has a cloud strategy, with system scalability cited as the leading benefit by more than half overall, and by a remarkable 81 percent in the public sector.

Fig 3 Benefits of cloud features

The remaining drawbacks and barriers that inhibit greater cloud uptake

Though mostly outweighed by the advantages, some barriers to adoption persist. Cost is still a factor for 43 percent of respondents overall, and is the most significant drawback for 62 percent in the public sector.

Fig 4 Drawbacks of cloud

Growing confidence about cloud security and privacy

Although still seen as the biggest drawback, concern about security/privacy challenges is down from 55 percent in 2016 to 47 percent in 2018, and decreased even further in the larger companies surveyed.

How scalability and cost impact cloud implementation in the public sector

System scalability – the most cited benefit of cloud – can undoubtedly deliver savings. However, while a third of respondents said cost reduction had proved most beneficial, cost also remains the biggest drawback to cloud adoption in the public sector.

A new phase of cloud adoption: The enterprise cloud

With higher volumes of business-critical data aggregated in the cloud, contract terms need meticulous assessment to ensure the right balance between risk and reward.