Coda: Dynamics in the macropolitical environment

As an additional question in our 2018 survey, we sought to understand some of the macropolitical issues businesses are being presented with, and the extent to which they are having an impact on technology-related investment and growth in their company.

Our 2018 European Tech Index reveals:

Negative Brexit

Brexit showed the biggest net negative impact (net negative score of -31 percent).

Russian neutrality

The impact of Russia’s policymaking regarding technology-led innovation was viewed far more neutrally (net negative score of -3 percent).

Positively German

Germany’s policymaking during the Merkel-led coalition had the most positive overall net score (+41 percent net).

Trumped by the US

However, the Trump administration’s policy on technology investment had the highest score of the five regimes cited for those rating it "most positive impact" (35 percent).

Fig 22 Dynamics in the macro-political environment