Cybersecurity: Stable despite high-profile attacks

Organizations remain in a state of vigilance and concern regarding cyberattacks. While the majority express confidence about their protection strategies, continually shifting threats are a clear incentive to regularly upgrade planning and prevention measures, and to evaluate legal liabilities.

Our 2018 European Tech Index reveals:

Attacks are a reality, but most businesses feel secure

The proportion of respondents feeling their company is extremely secure (23 percent) or fairly secure (73 percent) is largely unchanged from our 2016 Tech Index, suggesting most businesses continue to implement robust protection.

Fig 9 Level of security against cyberattack

Some organizations remain perilously exposed

A small but significant group – 4 percent of respondents – were candid enough to admit they felt their organization was not very secure. This leaves them vulnerable to cyberattacks and the consequent legal liabilities.

Organizations remain worried about cyberattacks but are better prepared

When asked "How worried are you about the possibility of a cyberattack/breach on your company?", 44 percent overall scored 8, 9 or 10 (where 10 is extremely worried), rising to 60 percent in the public sector and 61 percent in businesses employing over 10,000 staff.

The majority of businesses say they are ready to respond

79 percent of all companies surveyed claimed to have a cybersecurity incident response plan in place for their business, rising to 87 percent for the largest businesses.