Representing disabled and abused children in Hungary

As part of our global practice, we run a number of legal clinics across the world in collaboration with local nonprofit organizations. In Hungary, we have been working with the Hintalovon Child Rights Centre since its establishment in 2017. The aim of the Child Rights Centre is to represent the interests of children in proceedings.

Our work with the organization focuses on all aspects of protecting the rights of the child. We provide legal advice to children and parents experiencing emotional or physical abuse, we represent children in custody and we advise on financial support and education related matters. We also represent clients in criminal proceedings and advise on the privacy rights of children. Our lawyers represent these children in court in collaboration with the Hintalovon Child Rights Centre to ensure the best interests of the child are met.


Our lawyers have helped four children in custody-related matters, one child in financial support-related matters, and one child in criminal proceedings. Altogether, we have helped to resolve over 20 cases. We have provided legal advice in two cases relating to protecting the privacy rights of children, through which we may have impacted hundreds of child data subjects.