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Companies today face a host of rapidly evolving risks. Supply chain concerns, the relentless growth of globalization, heavy M&A activity, outsourcing of core functions, and ESG concerns are just a few of the areas that can generate profound and long-term problems for your business. As a result, privacy, security, and business continuity planning (BCP) risks are now front and center for many companies. Having a plan to address these issues, and govern these risks, is an important step.

How we can help: Governance

DLA Piper’s Data Protection, Privacy & Security team can help you govern risk, and create a situation in which your company understands and manages its risk profile and, in essence, stays out of the red. We have designed proprietary tools to help your company govern privacy, security, and BCP risk. These tools are based on governance frameworks and our extensive experience building programs, as well as our incident response and enforcement/litigation experience, which allows us to see around corners when we are advising you on regulatory matters.

For privacy, security and BCP, our frameworks provide actionable steps to help govern these important risks at all levels: the board, executive officers, senior management and beyond. The framework can be used to govern first-party risks, such as assessing your existing program, or for building processes to govern the creation of new product and services, as well as to understand the third-party risks that result from such areas as the supply chain, outsourcing or M&A.

Our assessments are also typically done under attorney-client privilege.

Our goal is to help keep your company out of the red. Let us put our experience to work for you.