DLA Piper's automated compliance assessment tool

Compliance is an ever-changing discipline. In this era of unprecedented regulatory scrutiny, virtually every company – large or small, publicly traded or private, US-based or internationally focused – will one day confront a potentially damaging situation: a regulatory inquiry; an aggressive enforcement proceeding; a congressional oversight investigation; whistleblower claims; shareholder activism; or high-exposure class action litigation. Today's best practices are quickly overtaken by new regulatory requirements, better technology and real-world experience.

COMPASS, DLA Piper's automated compliance assessment tool, aims to help your legal team grasp those changes and achieve intentionality. It takes an integrated, enterprise-wide approach to analyses – legal, compliance, governance and reputational risks – and provides you with a roadmap to help your company fulfil its ethical and legal obligations on behalf of shareholders, employees and customers.

By giving you a simple but effective calibrated assessment, COMPASS helps to ensure that your company's compliance program meets or exceeds all legal and regulatory requirements as well as industry best practices. Through interviews, automated surveys and a review of key documents and procedures, COMPASS enables us to assess the current state of your company's compliance program, compare it to industry benchmarks, evaluate its effectiveness, identify strengths and suggest key enhancements. We then develop a holistic compliance plan – a level of protection that many companies find difficult, if not impossible, to generate without outside assistance. We communicate about our review, analysis, recommendations and implementation under the protection of attorney-client privilege.

To learn more about COMPASS, please contact Stasia Kelly or Brett Ingerman.

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