A different approach

DLA Piper Business Advisory provides solutions to clients' problems through highly experienced integrated teams of lawyers and advisors.

We deliver end-to-end outcomes that tackle M&A, sustainability and ESG and broader business challenges. We deliver clients a single point of accountability that addresses much of the frustration clients experience with traditional multi-provider models. Our integrated Business Advisory solutions cover:

Sustainability & ESG

We help our clients understand, address and respond to their ESG risks so they move from a culture of compliance to a culture of ESG performance.

Integrated M&A

Developed to improve outcomes, solutions cover the entire M&A lifecycle - pre-deal M&A strategy and ecosystem review to post-deal integration and deal review.

Business Advisory delivers innovative solutions to help your business succeed by integrating commercial and legal knowhow. We do things differently. We challenge assumptions. We redefine problems. We enable meaningful change. We help you navigate your commercial challenges through deeper insight and practical solutions,.

Our solutions include:

Integrated M&A

M&A is the most exhilarating, complex, risky and poorly understood activity organisations do. It can launch you into the stratosphere and just as easily end in complete disaster.
‒ CEO, Global Consumer Goods Company

M&A remains the ultimate corporate challenge. It’s worth investing in the right support to maximise your rate of M&A success.

There are four services within our integrated offering:


M&A Legal

We augment core legal services with innovative new services to provide a better, safer and more comprehensive solution.


M&A Assure

We develop M&A strategy, assess M&A capabilities, provide support during deal execution and perform an objective assessment of transaction performance.


M&A Engage

We advise on stakeholder communication, managing reputation and brand risk and being prepared if a crisis arises.


M&A Integrate

We enable early preparation for your integration/separation, a clear execution plan, mitigation of identified risks and accurate measurement of benefits.

Sustainability & ESG

There are significant risks and opportunities posed by ESG. These risks change rapidly. The expectations of stakeholders are critical to addressing ESG risks and capturing opportunities to drive long term value.

There are five services within our integrated offering:


ESG Assure

We assist clients understand and validate their material ESG issues, test and refine their ambitions in the context of their organisational strategy and review the effectiveness of their current performance against stakeholder expectations.


ESG Risk Review

We conduct risk assessments of supplier / target / customer – with the scope of review ranging from a high-level summary to clearly identify priority ESG issues, through to detailed due diligence.


ESG Reporting

We help clients produce meaningful and accurate sustainability reporting of their ESG activities by meeting the requirements of relevant reporting frameworks and reviewing existing reporting against the expectations of stakeholders.


ESG Stakeholder Engagement

We support businesses to identify and understand the expectations of material ESG stakeholders and design plans to ensure parties understand and are engaged with ESG ambitions and performance.


ESG Implementation

We support businesses to co-design and successfully deliver necessary cross-functional change associated with achieving their ESG ambitions.

If you want to know more and explore how we can help you, please get in touch:

Integrated M&A

Shane Woodhouse
Chief Client Officer
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Sean Faehrmann
International Director, Sustainability and Organisational Change
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