DLA Design equips our professionals and yours to look beyond legal issues to uncover business challenges and what it is that is driving business needs.

The methodology encourages people to ask questions that go to the heart of challenges and motivations, providing tools to broaden thinking around possible solutions, with a 'fail fast' approach through experimentation and prototyping.

There are various ways in which we apply DLA Design with our clients, to create change and address varying business challenges. We've worked with clients to help them reconsider their legal team structure, how they use technology better, how they manage their relationships with key stakeholder, how they demonstrate value to the business and even trained a legal team on running their own design thinking sessions in-house.

Our offerings range from team away days and training sessions to design workshops and full, end-to-end design sprints, or a combination of these.

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We can do this virtually

Whilst we love doing this face-to-face, that is not always practical. Using a combination of our design thinking platform and video conferencing, we offer our DLA Design services virtually.

We use Sprintbase, a cutting-edge design thinking platform, to run remote design sprints, virtual design thinking training and project based learning with interactive sessions.

Talk to our team

If this has peaked your interest and you would like an exploratory conversation, please contact our core DLA Design team.

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