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Aiscension is a cartel risk-management service that uses AI to help detect risks in your business. It combines Reveal's best-in-class AI tools with DLA Piper’s renowned legal knowhow to audit parts of your business. Find out more.

Boardroom Advisory Service

Corporations today are expected to ask themselves not just "can we?" but "should we?" Our Boardroom Advisory Service provides clear guidance on optimal board behaviour and stakeholder engagement, to improve the quality of board decisions, manage risk, facilitate access to capital, and enhance individual and corporate reputations.

Business Process Improvement

Our Business Process Improvement team delivers large-scale business and legal performance improvements for clients. We use Lean Six Sigma as a methodology to streamline processes and deliver efficiency gains.

DLA Design

Our bespoke design thinking methodology for making change happen, DLA Design comprises a framework, training and a toolkit, all based on a human-centred approach to innovation. The framework comprises three main phases: understand, create and implement. The methodology encourages questions and provides tools to broaden thinking around possible solutions, with a fail-fast approach through experimentation and prototypes.

DLA Piper Business Advisory: Financial modelling and strategic consulting

Our advisory team delivers more than traditional M&A transactional advice – it also offers strategic consulting and project management services, and has financial modelling and business valuation capabilities, giving you a seamless, fully integrated solution. For more information, contact Jim Holding, András Posztl or Aron Kovaloczy.

DLA Piper Business Advisory: Integrated M&A

Our Integrated M&A solution combines legal and advisory services for the entire M&A journey from pre-deal M&A strategy and ecosystem review, to post-deal integration and deal review, improving M&A outcomes for clients.Find out more.

DLA Piper Business Advisory: Sustainability and ESG

Our Sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance offering goes beyond legal advice. We offer an integrated legal and business advisory solution across environment, social and governance factors to design and implement sustainability strategies that mitigate risks and create sustainable value for clients. Find out more.

Flexible Lawyers

Our Flexible Lawyers service is an easy, cost-effective way to expand your team with high-quality lawyers who already know your business and our way of working. They can relieve pressure in busy times, lead new projects, supervise teams, and bring fresh thinking.

Fountain Trustee Limited

Fountain Trustee Limited provides independent trustee services, and is part of DLA Piper. It delivers a bespoke service tailored to meet your requirements, whether for an ongoing or discrete appointment, as part of your existing trustee board, or as sole trustee.


Kira is a contract review platform that uses machine learning to quickly identify and extract provisions from large collections of documents with a high degree of recall and accuracy. Kira supports our lawyers in completing matters faster, more efficiently, and to a higher quality than ever before.

Legal Delivery Centre

Our Legal Delivery Centre provides repeat or data-heavy legal services using streamlined processes, paralegals and cutting-edge technology. This allows more senior lawyers to focus on overall delivery, including your more challenging advisory and strategic needs.

Legal Project Management

Our Legal Project Management team applies project management methodologies and tools to structure and facilitate the delivery of legal work. They scope, resource, budget, monitor, manage, spot opportunities, and share best practice with you. They also troubleshoot non-legal issues, implement appropriate technology and tools, manage information flows and communication, and champion continuous improvement.

Legal Technology team

Our Legal Technology team act as the translation layer between new technology and matter delivery, ensuring we use our tech in the best possible way to enhance your matters. They work closely with our legal project managers and other teams to provide an internal and client-facing service, bringing new technology and legal delivery together.

Litigation Funding

DLA Piper clients now have access to GBP150 million of committed capital for litigation or arbitration claims, including claims that vest in an insolvent estate. We have established an entirely independent company, Aldersgate Funding Limited (AFL) to facilitate this and which is backed by Litigation Capital Management (LCM), which is listed on AIM, and seeks to offer excellent funding terms through the creation of a portfolio fund. Find out more.


A secure online portal where you can instruct us and then view and manage each step of a standard real estate asset-management transaction and all legal elements of your deal in one place. Release gives you ultimate transparency and a central source of truth, while improving efficiency and speed of delivery.

Rent Concessions Portal

We've developed a secure online portal where you can efficiently manage the drafting of rent concession letters using contract automation technology, allowing the immediate production of letters. The system automatically provides a number of options currently being considered and applied in the market, including rent deferment, monthly rent payment (rather than quarterly), rent reduction, and rent abatement. For more information, contact Katie Jacobson.

Robotic Process Automation

Software that automates commodity tasks so they can be done faster and more efficiently, freeing up our people for work that needs a human touch.

The DLA Piper Project Simulator

The DLA Piper Project Simulator replicates real incidences of risk and project distress using a sophisticated algorithm derived from gaming technology. The simulator helps you develop a better understanding of critical business and stakeholder interdependencies, while supporting customer focus and market orientation in a risk-free learning environment.


With Aldersgate DLS (Digital Ledger Solutions), we've launched TOKO, a unique tokenisation engine and vital component in the digital asset ecosystem that provides smart contract functionality and digital asset creation functionality and assurance. TOKO helps asset owners create unique product offerings and improve asset liquidity, and gives them access to a wider group of investors.