Procurement law reform webinar

How might UK procurement law change post Brexit?

1 July 2020
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM BST

Could public sector purchasing become more streamlined? Could we introduce more flexibility into our existing rules? Does our court system adequately support the challenge process? What are the constraints to change, as we become an independent member of the GPA, and negotiations continue on the UK / EU Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement?

Our panel for the webinar event brings a wealth of experience on procurement law issues from both a contentious and non-contentious point of view, as well as comparative insight to administrative approaches which work well in other jurisdictions. The webinar will be of interest to those active in the government procurement market across Europe, to be involved from the start, as UK rules evolve.

Other speakers: 

Fionnuala McCredie QC, Keating Chambers

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