Henry Quinlan is a dispute resolution lawyer with particular experience in international arbitration.

Henry advises on a wide range of arbitrations under the auspices of the DIFC-LCIA, LCIA, ICC, AAA/ICDR, DIAC and other leading arbitral institutions, as well as ad hoc and UNCITRAL arbitrations. He has handled matters in a range of industry sectors including real estate, technology, private equity/funds, energy, construction, telecoms, media, insurance and banking. He is on the arbitrator database or panel of a number of international and regional arbitral institutions, including the ICC, LCIA, DIFC-LCIA, DIAC, CRCICA, ADCCAC and TRAC.

Henry accepts appointments as an arbitrator, and is presently sitting as arbitrator (sole and co-arbitrator) in a number of international arbitrations (including DIFC-LCIA and ICC). He has also handled a number of domestic and cross-border commercial disputes resolved by litigation, expert determination and mediation.