Casey Sobhani focuses on real estate transactions, and is the head of the firm's leasing practice in the United States. Casey also serves as a co-location head of the firm's real estate group in Los Angeles. With his expertise in commercial leases, Casey is directly responsible for managing and handling the legal work for millions of square feet of commercial office, industrial and retail space across the nation.

In this capacity, he is a trusted advisor to some of the biggest institutional real estate owners and managers in the world and is frequently asked to host seminars for these clients on issues relating to commercial leasing. Casey is also a regular author and speaker for fellow attorneys on the most effective ways to manage lease transactions, including minimizing costs for clients, streamlining negotiations and protecting clients from traps that could result in litigation.

In addition to his commercial leasing practice, Casey represents buyers and sellers of commercial real estate in high-profile and complex transactions. He has also served as valued counsel for many Fortune 500 companies and for lenders and borrowers in multimillion- and billion-dollar financings. Casey's know-how also extends to many other areas of real estate, including CC&Rs, construction contracts and easement agreements. Casey has mentored dozens of law school students through various mentoring and summer associate programs. He is also lead Pro Bono coordinator for the Los Angeles offices and a member of the North America Pro Bono Committee. In 2022, Casey was admitted as a fellow to the prestigious, by-invitation-only American College of Real Estate Lawyers.